Entrepreneurship and business ownership are not the same thing. Are you a entrepreneur or small business owner? The answer is the difference between business growth or business stagnation.

Small business owners view their businesses like a job. They get up and go to their business each day to earn a paycheck.

An entrepreneur on the other hand, builds their business each day as an asset. That asset is designed to generate an ongoing cash flow stream without them being their!  It is from the net profit of this business asset that they make their income.

So, which side of the entrepreneurship equation are you!!?

Our Definition of Entrepreneurship

You can make the transition from small business owner to entrepreneur by mastering the skills of the business growth process.  Our business SPARC Business Growth Framework is your roadmap to entrepreneurship.

SPARC provides skills you must master to accomplish the steps in your business to make transition. Two sets of factors directly impact business growth – leadership and management factors. SPARC addresses both.

Leadership is necessary to lead your team in achieving the objectives for each stage of business growth. This is the “personal change” and growth that we speak of in step one of the SPARC Business Growth Framework.  As an owner, if you are not ready to tackle the things necessary at your stage of growth, then your business suffers as a result. So, personal growth is a key factor in business growth.  This is why the leadership topic is a major part of our blog!

Management relates directly to business management.  Again, does your company have the business systems, personnel, and financial wherewithal to accomplish what is required at your company’s stage of growth? Again, if you don’t understand these factors of management your company’s growth will stagnate.

Tools to Get You There

Entrepreneurship is all about mastering the skills of leadership and management.  By achieving these critical skills, you too can aspire to the title of entrepreneur and have the professional success that you seek!  Get started with your entrepreneurship training with out DIY Business Growth Membership.



Missing Component to Successful Entrepreneurship