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BGS offers a powerful set of small business training courses not available anywhere else. They offer you a taste of how to build a self-sustaining business (absentee ownership).

BGS resources are designed to focus on strategic skill-building that leads to growth, profitability, and scalability leading to your ultimate goals. 

3 Reasons You Are Stuck

Each tool in our bundle will help you in identifying one of the critical aspects of your business based on your current situation.


7-day Find Your Fire challenge

Here’s the beauty of this challenge. It helps you reconnect with that fire again so you can get UNSTUCK and grow your business again!

How To Get Out From Under Your Business

The problem is that you likely did not develop your business to be self-sustaining, so that it operates without your day-to-day involvement.

Missing Components to Successful Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a goal to which many wish to aspire. But, why do so many fall short?

Business Growth Matrix

Knowing Your Growth Stage Recipe Makes It Simpler! You realize growing a business can be challenging. But, it doesn’t have to be!!!

How Big To Grow Your Business Sustainability Worksheet

How much do you want your business to pay you even when you’re not there?

Growth Stage Assessment

Knowing your business growth stage is critical if you want to speed your business growth. A 5 stage business growth model made the most sense. 

How Do You Want To Grow Your Business?