We Have The Business Growth Tools To Accelerate Your Revenue and Profit Growth!

Are You?

Overwhelmed, Under Water, Burnt Out, Wondering “What’s The Point?”

Are you experiencing burnout or fear you’ve lost your passion for your business?

Are you feeling like your business has plateaued and you want to stop feeling stuck?

Are you really making any money? How about profit?

Can your business create cash without you? No, then what’s your plan to make that dream come true?

The tools on this page can help you answer these questions for yourself with a little help from our team weaved in!

We simplified our process by giving you a set of do it yourself business growth tools.

Business Accelerator Bundle

Connect all the dots by getting all these incredible tools together for the best value and speed up your business growth.

It helps you:

  • Reconnect with why you started your business in the first place.
  • Figure out exactly what stands between you and your dream.
  • Measure how bigger to grow your operation to set you free.

Business Accelerator Bundle produces a simple action plan specific to your business and situation by using the diagnostic capabilities of these 3 powerful tools to set you immediately on the road to success!

The Individual Tools Included In The Bundle

Personal & Business Goal Assessment

Passion fuels every successful business owner. This tool help you clarify your passion so that you can harness its power for your business.

If you’re just starting out, then it gets you pointed in the right direction.

If you’ve been at it for many years, then it helps you find the fire that drove you to do the impossible in the beginning!


Business Growth Assessment

Business growth is a simple process. But, if you don’t know where you’re starting from, then taking your next step may feel impossible!

This tool provides 37 simple to answer yes/no questions to help you pinpoint your current growth stage so you know your one and only growth goal.  Add which of the 8 growth factors needs your attention and you’ll find yourself on the road to building a successful self-sustaining business.

Revenue Engine Performance Checkup

Know what’s causing your underperforming revenue, less than desired profits, poor cash flow, anemic growth, and less than stellar business performance?

This tool uses 26 powerful yes/no questions to rapidly evaluate your entire cash flow cycle from an operational perspective. When complete, your chokepoints and risks will become crystal clear and the strategies to fix them will be snap.

Now you take the right action to move your business forward toward your dream for independence and financial freedom.


A 1:1 Consultation to Review

Review your reports with the expertise of a BGS coach to understand what was uncovered by these powerful diagnostics.  You and the BGS coach will:

You and the BGS coach will :


Discuss what your really want out of your life.


Examine your current business growth stage and goal.


Identify issues standing between you and your goals.


Analyze the profitability of your revenue engine.


Outline and prioritize your areas of focus


Discuss immediate actions to grow your profit and business.

As You Can See, We simplified our process by offering a set of do-it-yourself business growth tools.

Each tool will help you in identifying one of the critical aspects of your business based on your current situation.

If you and your business potential could skyrocket in the next 3 years giving you the ability to…


Live independent from the daily grind.

Have a team in place and have confidence they know how  to keep your business profitable!

Know that your business stays profitable no matter how big you wish to scale it.

and… your exit strategy assures your business pays you back each and every time you invest money!

Would it be worth the investment in the entire plan to freedom?

Are You Thinking

My business is unique, this can’t possibly work for me…

Don’t take our word for it…

See the results of past clients here

 Jenn and Mike Rowe

Owners, Generations Carpet Cleaning

We didn’t even know business self-sustainability was possible for a company of our size. After applying the growth model presented within this book to our business we, increased our monthly revenue by 156% in 16 months. With the profitability from this growth and by putting the right people and systems in place, we’re discussing how we will spend our retirement from our business 12 months from now, and it will support us for the rest of our life without even having to sell the business!

John Walsh

CEcD, Vice President, Pasco Economic Development Council, Inc.

Dino Eliadis has discovered a method of taking the mystery out of growing your business and changes the way entrepreneurs operate. Small Business Growth Simplified is also a valuable road map for how economic development professionals can help the scalable companies in their communities grow and create job opportunities

Brian E. Powers

Executive Director, Chatham Technical Institute

Removing the complexity of many business growth theories, Dino introduces several business-owner characters the reader will follow as they work through real-life business growth issues together, making the content of this book relevant to business owners at any level of their growth curve. A “must read” if you are serious about the growth of your business

 John Hamerlinck

Senior FDI Advisor, US Department of Defense

 Business Growth Simplified” would have been a great reference book for dozens of small business owners throughout Iraq and Afghanistan conflict areas we were assisting to enable growth and economic stability.

Jim Lange

Infinity Consulting and Training

The challenges confronting small business owners can often times seem insurmountable. As a small business owner himself, Dino Eliadis has confronted this reality for over a decade and his consulting clients have universally found peace of mind and prosperity through his guidance. I highly recommend this book for anyone running or thinking about starting a business.

Business Accelerator Bundle

Get all the tools at the same time for the best value and rapidly accelerate your business growth by helping you:

  • Reconnect with why you started your business.
  • Figure out exactly what obstacles and roadblocks are on your way to get there.
  • Measure how much money your current operation can really generate.

Business Accelerator Bundle combines the 3 powerful tools of our framework and provides you with an action plan specific to your business and situation to get you started immediately!