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What kind of results have the users of Business Growth Simplified had?

Good question, take a look at some of our many testimonials of the users of our Business Growth Framework, tools, and resources.



Alex Estrermera – Old School Painting, LLC

I been in business for a long time. I know how to hustle; I know how to make money. But what I didn’t know was how to run a business! …This program changed my life.

Kimberly and Salvatore Trinchini – Select Sound

I had taken several business courses before but felt afraid to move forward because I didn’t feel comfortable. But after taking Business Growth Simplified, I’m not afraid anymore because I understand how the pieces I learned before all fit together!

James Thornton and Tim Clark – Critical Path Integrators

Working together with a partner is different. We had been working together form many years, but from the first exercise, we found new ways to understand what each other wanted and it changed how we approached everything! …As a result, it’s opened more opportunities we hadn’t considered before. I highly recommend this course to anyone in business.

Charles Taylor – C&C Miraculous Cleaning Services

Business Growth Simplified is absolutely amazing! …We learned how to take our business out of our mind and put it all on paper to track everything that we are doing… using simple strategies I was able to create more business. This course is highly recommended…it slowed me down and got me on track.

Naronda Galvin – Delivered Daughter, LLC

What Business Growth Simplified did for me was change everything! All the things that I didn’t think I had, were already in me. Business Growth Simplified helped me reach down inside and pull those things out of myself. It changed my life! I overthink everything, but this course helped me simplify everything.

Steven Service – Alpha Graphics Rochester

This course has bee eye opening for me. I knew once the class started, I would be able to diagnose my problems and that’s exactly what I’m now able to do. It helps me make better decisions-and I am confident that I am doing the right things.

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