Grow your business with our proven framework…

Accelerate your profitability and growth by applying a holistic approach that addresses both the financial and operational factors impacting growth for every business. Our proven framework helps you:

 Reconnect with WHY You Started Your Business
Find Out What Is Broken Throughout
Build a Plan to Align and Fix the Broken Parts
Learn How to Implement and Monitor the Plan
Get Peace of Mind You Can Step Away Without It All Resting on Your Shoulders!

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Business Growth Simplified

This proven program gives simple strategies to productively run your business resulting in more profit.

The BSG mission: Helping small business owners, like you, to grow your company into a self-sustaining business (absentee ownership). Sound impossible? Using our approach absentee ownership is possible within 3 to 5 years of starting any business.

How We Help

Running a small business often feels like a lonely undertaking which causes you to doubt your decision-making ability. This results in little to no changes which leave you with a boatload of problems. Do any of these sound familiar?


My Business Isn’t Growing Fast Enough…

Business growth is a systematic process. You just need to learn what is going wrong with your business to cause it to stall. Our business growth tools bundle is a series of assessments to diagnosis what needs attention and give you simple strategies you can apply to fix your specific problems.


My Business Isn't Making the Revenue I Need It To Make...

Revenue is a tricky thing. Most owners immediately jump to selling more when there are a host of issues that slow revenue growth. Our revenue engine performance checkup in the business growth tools bundle helps you pinpoint exactly what’s holding your revenue hostage.


I want my business to run without me having to work 10-12 hours a day 7 days a week...

Systems are key to building a self-sustaining business as they remove you as a cog in the wheel all the time. Sometimes you just want to let go and watch it run on its own!

If you can’t make this happen now, how will you ever? You can start taking steps now so that when you are ready to let it run all on its own.

What We Offer

To help owners become independent and financially free we offer a host of services to help you learn how to build a self-sustaining business

1:1 Coaching

BGS coaching provides discipline and accountability to focus on the 8 business growth factors in your decision-making accelerating your profitability.

Peer Groups

BizSmart’s research found , 90% of business owners asked  said peer-to-peer support was instrumental during the pandemic and it’s still a thriving resource today.

Business Accelerator Masterclass

Even if you think your business can’t function without you, a top growth expert reveals how independence and financial freedom is possible.

Business Launcher Course

Lack the time or availability to attend classes in person? Work on your own in this course format using our DIY platform!

Business Growth Tools

Powerful diagnostic tools help you in identify the critical growth factors and business functions keep you stuck operating your business.

Free Resources

Don’t want to spend money? These free and top-rated resources can still help get your business heading in the right direction.

Want to know what we can do for you?

Our Framework Explained

Step 1
Step 1

Define Your Passion

Passion is the fuel that drives every successful business owner. This step helps you get clarity on what really motivates you. If you’re just starting out it gets you pointed in the right direction. If you have been working in your business for many years, it helps you find the passion that drove you to do the impossible in the beginning and harness that fire again!

Step 2
Step 2

Determine Your Growth Stage

Business growth is a simple formula.  But, if you don’t know from where you’re starting, then determining your next move can be nearly impossible!  This tool contains 37 yes/no questions that help you pinpoint your current growth stage so you can more effectively plan your next steps to create a successful self-sustaining business. This step will pinpoint what you need to improve or fix for a clear path to growth!

Step 3
Step 3

Assess Your Current Resources

Limited resources is a way of life every small business. In this step you identify chokepoints in your operation slowing your cash flow; causing poor performance; and robbing your business of profit. Learn to use this management method to monitor cause and effect in your business so you can predict outcomes when you make changes allowing you to make better decisions and improve the overall cash flow and profitability of your business.

Step 4
Step 4

Establish Your Business Strategy

Strategy defines action. In this step you learn strategic thinking you can begin applying it to running your business. Using what uncovered in the previous 3 steps, you can evaluate the best business solutions to look at where you want to end up (vision) and where you are currently (stage of growth cycle), and how to best use the resources you have to begin getting better results while accelerating your path forward.

Step 5
Step 5

Create Action Plans

With your strategy clearly defined outlining your actions to help you achieve your goals becomes simple. By defining what’s needed and why communication improves. Assigning people to tasks with timelines for their completion creates accountability. You can begin mastering the critical skill of delegation with this process moving you closer to creating a self-sustaining business. Setting and monitoring performance metrics is the last skill master to realize your independence and financial freedom.

Step 6
Step 6

Execute, Monitor & Adjust

With a map built leading to your goal it’s much simple to communicate and follow progress because everything is structured and documented. Now, basic management emerges as a byproduct of the process. Use regular monitoring tools to stay nimble so you can adjust and change as market and economic shifts occur outside your control. You can rapidly re-evaluate the situation and quickly adjust your course. Changes just become small bumps in the road instead of feeling like you’re plunging into the abyss.

What Our Clients Say

Alex Estrermera – Old School Painting, LLC

I been in business for a long time. I know how to hustle; I know how to make money. But what I didn’t know was how to run a business! …This program changed my life.

Kimberly and Salvatore Trinchini – Select Sound

I had taken several business courses before but felt afraid to move forward because I didn’t feel comfortable. But after taking Business Growth Simplified, I’m not afraid anymore because I understand how the pieces I learned before all fit together!

James Thornton and Tim Clark – Critical Path Integrators

Working together with a partner is different. We had been working together form many years, but from the first exercise, we found new ways to understand what each other wanted and it changed how we approached everything! …As a result, it’s opened more opportunities we hadn’t considered before. I highly recommend this course to anyone in business.

Charles Taylor – C&C Miraculous Cleaning Services

Business Growth Simplified is absolutely amazing! …We learned how to take our business out of our mind and put it all on paper to track everything that we are doing… using simple strategies I was able to create more business. This course is highly recommended…it slowed me down and got me on track.

Naronda Galvin – Delivered Daughter, LLC

What Business Growth Simplified did for me was change everything! All the things that I didn’t think I had, were already in me. Business Growth Simplified helped me reach down inside and pull those things out of myself. It changed my life! I overthink everything, but this course helped me simplify everything.

Steven Service – Alpha Graphics Rochester

This course has bee eye opening for me. I knew once the class started, I would be able to diagnose my problems and that’s exactly what I’m now able to do. It helps me make better decisions and I am confident that I am doing the right things.