Business Growth Dilemma

Do you know how small business owners work their businesses like jobs? They struggle to grow them for years, even decades. The independence and financial freedom they dreamed of at the beginning seems so far out of their reach, they feel handcuffed to their business.

Business Growth is NOT the Goal

The problem is they have made business growth their goal. Business growth is not the goal. Business growth is only a vehicle that gets you to your goal.

You Want Independence and Financial Freedom

What most business owners really want is independence and financial freedom! Business self-sustainability is the goal that gives you independence and financial freedom.

Business Self-Sustainability is the Answer

You create business self-sustainability by growing your business in a way that puts the right people and systems in place so it runs without you. All you need to do is calculate the size you need to grow it that will generate the profits you need to live the life you want and you become independent and financially free.

Real World Success

BSG’s Mission

BSG’s mission is helping small business owners, like you, to grow your company into a self-sustaining business. It may sound impossible, but business self-sustainability can be achieved within three to five years of starting any business.

SPARC Your Business Growth

BGS developed a proprietary method called the SPARC Business Growth Framework. SPARC is a six-step process designed to help you accelerate business growth while achieving business self-sustainability which gives you the independence and financial freedom you’ve always dreamed of.

Get Started on Your Independence & Financial Freedom