Business Growth Simplified Path to Success

BGS Services are designed to support you every step of the way to building a self-sustaining business so you can have the independence and financial freedom you dreamed of when you started your business.

Success Services fall into 3 categories:

    • Masterclass
    • Operational Training
    • Success Services


The masterclass organizes our operational training in the proper sequence to allow you to implement the BGS Growth Framework in your business.

These Masterclasses have helped business owners just like you transform their business and achieve their goals. They are for those serious about making the changes necessary to have the independence and financial freedom behind beginning their business in the first place

Instructor-Led Business Accelerator

This 10-week course is best for business owners who have been operating their business successfully but you’d like to improve.

If you learn better with an instructor this class is for you.

Business Accelerator with Peer Group Bundle Bonus!

Spread your investment in the BGS Masterclass over 12 months and gain Peer Group Success Services.

Business Accelerator with Coaching Bundle Bonus!

Spread your investment in the BGS Masterclass over 12 months and gain monthly Coaching Services.

Do-It-Yourself Business Accelerator

This Masterclass course was designed if working on your own and at your own pace is more your style.

This 10-week course is best for business owners who are in start-up mode and want to learn to do it right from day one.

If you learn better with an instructor this class is for you.

Instructor-Led Business Launcher

Success Services

We’re proud of saying our BGS framework will lead to achieving self-stainability for your business in 3-5 years. Becoming competent applying the BGS Growth Framework to your business is critical if you want to have that success.  Success Services provide discipline and accountability necessary to master the skills you learned by consistently applying them to your business on a daily basis.

We offer two methods of getting the regular help of a BGS expert:

    • BGS 1:1 Growth Coaching provides you bi-weekly with 1-hour contact with a BGS coach who applies the BGS meeting process to your high impact business plan to assure you’re making progress to your annual goal and strategic vision.
    • BGS Peer Groups allow you to meet monthly with a group of other business owners who are building self-sustaining businesses using the BGS process which gives you a “board of directors” for a fraction of the price, so you don’t have to face the challenges of building your business alone!

Click the image below to find out more about the method that best meets your budget and learning style.

1:1 Business Growth Coaching

A BGS coach helps you learn how to apply all 8 business growth factors into your decision making by examining your business holistically.

Peer Group

Even if you think your firm can’t function without you, a top business growth expert reveals how independence and financial freedom is possible.

Operational Training

Operational training courses are designed to focus on strategic skill-building. Most business courses offered elsewhere teach you the tactical techniques that may not apply to your situation or business.

Here’s the problem. It’s all tactical without knowing what your business really needs. We teach strategy before tactics, and help you determine what you need to fix, what’s holding back from growing your business, in order to define the right strategy and the right tactics for YOUR business.

Here’s what we mean:

There are business courses designed to teach you QuickBooks. Is that what you really need to run a self-sustaining business? That just keeps you working in your business. What you really need is to learn how to read financial reports to understand the results your operation is producing so you can make better decisions for tuning the revenue engine and maximizing profitability.

Another common example:

You might feel your business needs more leads, so you start looking at marketing training programs for Google Ads or social media. This can be an expensive, time-consuming tactical mistake without clearly understanding who your customers are, and where they look for what your business offers. What you really need is to understand how to interpret the metrics from your existing marketing so you can hold your marketing resources accountable for necessary performance to support your businesses sales goals.

Our operational training is built on teaching you what your business needs, when it needs it and how to get it done.

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