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BGS offers a powerful set of small business training courses not available anywhere else. Theses courses provide skills training and best practices designed to help you change your thinking and actions which transforms you from a small business owner into a successful entrepreneur.

Our BGS Masterclass program systematically weaves our BGS tools with these courses. It offers you a roadmap on how to build a self-sustaining business (absentee ownership).

BGS courses are designed to focus on strategic skill building. Most courses offered elsewhere teaching you tactical technique that may not apply to your situation or business. We don’t compete with these other courses; we help you determine which ones you need to fix what’s holding back from growing your business.

Business Growth Tools

Each tool in our bundle will help you in identifying one of the critical aspects of your business based on your current situation.

Business Launcher Course

Even if you believe/think your firm can’t function without you, a top business growth expert reveals how to achieve independence and financial freedom.

Problem Solving

Problem-solving is a critical skill for every business owner as you will face many challenges regularly in the course of leading your business.

Monitoring Your Revenue Engine

With the roadmap built (your high impact business plan), learn what to monitor at every stage of growth.

Building Great Systems

Learn to systematize every aspect of your business and get more work done faster by delegating to accelerate business growth.


Managing Financial Resources Like a CEO

An introduction to how to make the financial management of your business simpler and more powerful.

Refine Your Customer Value and Brand Position

Learn to how to collect critical data from your customer segment.

Calculating Your Maximum Operational Capacity

Learn how to calculate the operational capacity for your business using this course.

How to Improve Your Price and Profitability

Pricing impacts your financial resources in a major way. However, business owners often find it difficult.

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