Building Great Systems

If you struggle to get your arm around all the work that need to get done in your business, then you’ve come to the right place. This course is designed to lead you through the process of systematizing every aspect of your business so that you can get more work done in less time by delegating to others to accelerate your business growth.

If you want a successful and profitable business, then systems are an absolute must! The problem is most owners don’t know how to build great systems to get the benefits of:

    • Standardizing work
    • Getting consistent results
    • Helps you delegate and measure performance
    • Creates accountability

As a result, you get a highly profitable and easily scalable revenue machine. Just click the button to register and get started.

What You Get with This Course

This operational skills course is loaded with all the instructions, videos, templates, and examples you need to setup your business to successfully scale it as big as your abilities can take you. Use the resources and instructional materials to:


Define your workflow process


Document business procedures & tools


Establish your performance standards


Understand the need roles of your business


Develop training for maximum performance

Everything you’ll need to develop the tools necessary to train your employees so that they get everything done with the level of competency you need to ensure their work is profitable. And add on top of all that simple and easy to use methods to monitor performance creating accountability across your entire business.


Watch an Introduction to Building Great Systems

Course Overview

Defining Your Work

This is a critical step to fixing anything that’s wrong in your business. If you don’t understand the work, then how do you fix the problems? Good question. This module provides a set of simple tools you can immediately begin using to sequence the work in your small business so you can begin getting more consistent results from all your employees.

Documenting Business Procedures & Tools

After completing the workflow (sequencing) of your business process, it’s time to create the instructions for each step of the process – writing procedures. Procedures are the written instructions a worker follows to get the desired results of that step of your process. Once written it’s easy to find all the tools used to complete the procedures so you have an inventory of all your business assets.

Establishing Your Performance Standards

The reason so many business owners struggle is they don’t know how to set expectations. Most employees perform well when they know what to expect or what’s expected of them. So, setting the bar It is critical the next step in the process of building great systems.  That is setting the expected level of performance required by workers doing the work.  Successful entrepreneurs understand that you must monitor each of the major resources of a business:

    • process = monitoring the functions of the business
    • people = employees and vendors that get the work done
    • finances = how much it costs to operate the people and process

The problem is most business owners struggle when it comes to monitoring process and people. This module will provide you the tools you need to get your arms around developing standards for setting expectation for your process.

Understanding the Need Roles of Your Business

No business can operate without people. However, determining what kind of people and how many is nearly impossible without first knowing what you need them to do.  Therefore defining the work is the first step of when building great systems.  You use it to define the people you need for your business. This module provides you with what you need to rapidly assess the personnel for your business

Training is a critical part of every business. But many small business owners do a poor job of training because they believe training means just showing someone what to do. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

What makes training great? Your training should focus on getting employees at a level where they profitably contribute to the business.  That means you must assure that they

    • Have the need skills to complete their required work.
    • Competently apply those skills when representing the company.
    • Perform to the expected standard daily.