Know Your Business Growth Stage?

Simplify Growing Your Business

Getting to the next business growth stage is a defined and predictable process. It’s simpler than most business owners think. But, that assumes you know your current growth stage and what’s required to achieve the next business growth stage!

Our book, Business Growth Simplified, is a powerfully simple and comprehensive resource. It details the required objectives to move to the next business growth stage. You’d be surprised by some of these objectives!

Get It Done Faster!

But, how do you determine your current business growth stage?  We designed the Small Business Growth Assessment to do just that. Your report helps you understand your current growth stage and pinpoints what you need to improve to get to the next business growth stage!

The assessment is a 37 yes/no questionnaire that will help you:

  • Pinpoint your current growth stage.
  • Specifies your exact goal to achieve the next growth stage.
  • Summarizes your current strengths with which you can apply.
  • Shows your current weaknesses on which you need to focus.

If you combine your report with the details of the Business Growth Simplified, you’ve got a powerful tool to quickly help you outline your objectives and simplify your business plan.  And, you know these objectives point you to business growth.  So, there far less risk than just winging it!

Think about how much your business would be worth if you just got it to the next growth stage.  I guarantee if you get there it’ll be worth way more than the $199 it costs to complete a Small Business Growth Assessment.  Take a look at an example report to see what information you find out about your business’ growth.

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