PASSION: Finding Your Fire Again

7-Day Challenge
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Forgot WHY You Started Your Business?

That’s why you’re stuck!

Since you’re visiting this page, you have come to realize growing a business can be challenging.  But, it doesn’t have to be!!!

Over the decades, we found 3 things get  business owners stuck in their business. One of the biggest is losing sight of your WHY?  Your WHY gave you passion that drove you to do the impossible in the beginning!

Here’s the beauty of this challenge. It helps you reconnect with that fire again so you can get UNSTUCK and grow your business again!


Over the 7 days of this challenge you:


Revisit why you started their business in the first place.


Decide what you REALLY want from life. (It’s NOT what you think?)


Align your life and business so they’re pulling in the same direction.


Identify obstacles standing between you a successful life.


Evaluate fears preventing you from taking action.


Build an action plan to knock down obstacles and create a successful life.

Working together with a partner is different. We had been working together for many years, but from the first exercise, we found new ways to understand what each other wanted and it changed how we approached everything! …As a result, it’s opened more opportunities we hadn’t considered before. I highly recommend this course to anyone in business.

James Thornton and Tim Clark – Critical Path Integrators