do you always feel in firefighter mode?Do you feel like you’re always in firefighter mode in your business? Does it seem like every time you get caught up there’s another crisis?

You’re not alone. I hear this scenario frequently from small business owners. And I get it; because I felt this way myself from time to time.

But what causes this to happen, and how can you prevent it?

How Firefighter Mode Gets Started

Funny thing is it starts with something I’ve mentioned many times before – your mindset! In case you’re new to this blog, then you may not be familiar with the 3 reasons owners get stuck growing their business.

One of the most critical skills is that owners never learned how to be a business owner. As a result, they approach their business with an employee mindset. When it comes to management and leadership, this employee mindset causes you to believe being in charge means doing it all yourself.

This mindset cascades further from here so you never learn the skills of delegation. If you don’t delegate, then you probably don’t assign responsibility, which piles even more on your back.

If you haven’t mastered the previous two skills, chances are you haven’t created systems that allow you to repeat things over and over and get the same consistent results. That means you get quality issues that means chasing down and fixing problems as they occur.

Sound familiar, right? That’s FIREFIGHTER MODE!!!

How to Break the Cycle

learn to delegate to get out of firefighter modeI hate to say it. But until you address the root-cause issue it becomes a vicious never-ending cycle.

So, what’s the solution? Learn to delegate. That means creating the repeatable systems that allow others to easily do what you do and get the same results.

But first, you must stop thinking about your business like an employee (a doer) and start thinking about it like an owner (someone who empowers others to do the work for them). You must change your perspective so that you can begin learning what it takes to become independent and financially free!

BGS Growth Framework teaches all these skills at the heart of the program so you make can make this transformation. You learn how to master all the owner related growth factors of the business growth model:

  • Setting owner goals.
  • Evaluating various strategies to achieve those goals.
  • Systematize your operational knowledge to you can transfer it to others.
  • Learn how to manage your system with predictable accuracy so that you feel confident that others can run your business without you.

Does this all sound familiar? It should. It’s how you build a self-sustaining business which is the business growth philosophy I advocate.  You can do it in 3-5 years, but first you must commit to it.

Owners ready to retire find us. To this point they haven’t done any of the things mentioned in this post which means the 3–5-year clock starts for them when they find BGS.

I must admit, I find it painful to watch these owners’ anguish in the process because all they really want to do is retire. This drives me to constantly beat the drum for building a self-sustaining business from day one!  I want you to live your dream of – independence and financial freedom. You deserve it!!!

If you’d like to get out of firefighter mode and control of your business then you can have the independence and financial freedom you always dreamed of. Just click the button below to download your free ebook – How to Get Out From Under Your Business.

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