what REALLY drives business growth?Do you find yourself spending much of your strategic focus time thinking about how to grow your business?  It’s much simpler than most trust advisors lead you to believe because it’s a systematic and predictable process.

The trouble is most people don’t think about it this way – strategically. So, you get bombarded with tactical solutions focused on “symptomatic problems”, instead of solving strategic “root-cause” issues that fix the symptom once and for all!  As a result, you get stuck in an endless cycle of firefighting and a feeling of being trapped by your business!



Stop Fighting Fires and Focus on What Really Drive Business Growth

stop fighting fires and focus on what drive business growth

That depends on who you ask.  Marketing experts will tell you marketing drives growth.  Sales professionals will tell you sales drives growth.  And CFO’s will tell you money drives growth.  So, which is it? They’re all right and wrong at the same time!

There are 8 factors that drive growth. But, how you focus on those 8 factors changes depending on your stage of growth of which there are five. Watch the video below to get a better understanding of the 5 stages and 8 factors that influence how your business grows:

So now you see how what you do depends on your growth stage and business acumen. How much of this is new to you? Which of these things have you not yet mastered?  These are the things which are hold your business back from achieving the business growth you want. But help is available help you accelerate your learning.

Systematically Drive Business Growth

business growth framework

You, like most small business owners, are more than competent operationally. Business Growth Simplified offers a business growth framework that teaches you how to apply all 8 factors to examine your business holistically (both operationally and financially).

Now, you can choose the right operational strategies that best fit your specific situation.  Applying the right strategies makes action happens faster and with better results.

Ready to begin applying our proven profit system to your business? Select the method best matched to your learning style and budget by click the icon/image to the right.

What’s Your Current Stage of Growth?

Does all this new information have you wondering…at what stage are you and your business?

The Business Growth Assessment determines your stage and provides you with an in-depth look into the 8 factors so you specifically know what needs attention in your business.  Click the icon/image to the right to find out more about this powerful tool.


More Cerebral in Your Approach?

If you’re more of a researcher before you start doing, then get a copy of our founder’s book Business Growth Simplified: How to Rapidly Growth a Self-Sustaining Business.  It details:

  • The five stages and the one, and only one, the goal of each stage.
  • The eight factors, four leadership, and four management, that influence the growth of your business.
  • How to assess your current stage of growth so you can begin focusing on the right objectives.
  • Strategies and tactics you can begin applying based on your stage with example companies using them.

Follow along as our cast of characters, four business owners in three companies, navigate the model in their own businesses.  There are cases and examples for just about everyone with these owners.

Sound more like your style?  Then just head over to Amazon to buy your copy in either paperback or Kindle format and get started learning what you need to know to move your business forward.  You can be independent and financial free in 3 – 5 years or less!


Still got question on how to get started?

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