Getting Control of Your Business Just Got SIMPLER!!!

If you own a business, you know it’s a lonely struggle – daily!

  • You’re working 10- 14 hours, but there never seems to be enough time in the day.
  • You’re struggling every day just to stay ahead of your cash flow.
  • Employees show up with family problems and derail your day; the drama never ends!
  • You’re juggling a dozen balls and not sure where to focus next.
  • When you lose a key employee, it’s a made scramble to keep the business running.
  • You feel trapped and alone by your business with nobody to share your problems.
  • The business is flat, you have little to no growth on the top or bottom line.

This wasn’t what you signed up for…

You just wanted independence and financial freedom. But, how’s that going for you?

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Stop Fixing Symptoms and Start Fixing Root-Cause Problems!

Most “so-called gurus” will look for a problem and tell you…

  • cut your expenses
  • increase your sales
  • hire a sales consultant
  • do more marketing
  • take this training
  • read this book
  • use social media
  • contract this HR service provider
  • hire this leadership coach
  • You need to…. fill in the blank for yourself

You begin doubting your decisions and asking yourself, “where do I start?”

That depends on who you ask.  Marketing experts will tell you marketing drives growth.  Sales professionals will tell you sales drives growth.  And CFO’s will tell you money drives growth.  So, which is it? They’re all right and wrong at the same time!

There are 8 factors that drive growth, but most “so-called gurus” don’t know what they are or how to fix them! Our approach is different because it applies all 8 business growth factors to examine your business holistically (both financially and operationally).  You, like most small business owners, are very competent operationally. So, we help you harness your operational knowledge, then unleash it as a very profitable and scalable business model.

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Business Growth Simplified: A Proven Profit System for Small Business!

Created to help you get the independence and financial freedom you want!

BGS is the culmination of two decades of helping small business owners grow their businesses, and tons of research.  We’ve simplified business growth down to a step-by-step proven profit system.

The result is our proprietary SPARC Business Growth Framework.  SPARC stands for Strategic Planning Action Recovery Cycle a simple six-step process that helps you:

  • Get crystal clarity on your vision to communicate better with your team.
  • Develop a structured, yet simple roadmap for delegating to spend less time firefighting.
  • Learn how to tune your revenue engine to proactively manage and improve cashflow.
  • Build scalable, repeatable systems to help hire and train more profitable employees.
  • Establish accountability at all levels of your business and stop worrying if things are getting done.

And Much , Much More…

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Owners Successfully Using Our Proven Profit System!

We didn’t even know business self-sustainability was possible for a company of our size. After applying the growth model to our business we, increased our monthly revenue by 156% in 16 months. With the profitability from this growth and by putting the right people and systems in place, we’re discussing how we will spend our retirement from our business 12 months from now, and it will support us for the rest of our life without even having to sell the business!

– Jenn and Mike Rowe, owners, Generations Carpet Cleaning

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Here’s a Summary of Your DIY Membership:

Your own self-paced guide leads you step-by-step through the courses, tools and assignment to apply SPARC in growing your business.


Dozens of unique BGS courses help you learn at your own pace and lead you through our proven profit system and apply it to your business. NEW training added regularly.


Hundreds of articles, checklists, e-books, and other written material meant help you learn and implement the 8 factors impacting your business growth and its ability to scale.


Leverage proven best-of-breed business assessments, tools, worksheets, templates, and spreadsheets you can quickly apply and implement in your small business.

Never feel alone again with 24 x 7 access to other business owners growing a self-sustaining business and experts who will answer all your business growth questions.

Get access to our experts in applying SPARC your tools and training or engage them to help you fix business functions at significantly discount off our standard consulting rates.

Once you understand where you need to focus, our best practices library gives you a head-start by implementing time-tested systems which can be modified as needed for your business.

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Want $4,200 of Added Value for Your DIY Membership?

The first 20 Founding DIY Members will receive more than $4,200 in exclusive support including:

  • Access to Business Growth Simplified  author, SPARC designer Dino Eliadis.
  • Six 1-hour coaching calls when completing each SPARC tool to review and discuss questions and your assignment progress.
  • Access to a private founders group within the BGS Community facilitated  by Dino Eliadis to communicate 24 x 7 with other founding members.
  • Bi-weekly peer-groups availability to work with others that are working their way through the SPARC Roadmap.

All we ask is that you use the Roadmap to apply SPARC to your business and provide input and feedback as requested about the program and platform.  That’s it and you get $4,200 in added value and personal support!!

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Business Growth FAQ’s

Much of the “time suck” with businesses is spent on things that have no impact on business growth. This stems from focusing on the wrong objectives based on the business’ stage of growth. Our business growth assessment helps you understand where you are and which of the 8 factors need your greatest attention. Usually fixing these “root cause” problems make many of the time sucks go away giving you more time for whatever you’d like to spend it doing.

We hear this all the time. But, often we find the growth problem is “delivery” related and more sales will make the growth problem worst.  You first need to understand exactly where the chokepoint exists in your over business operation, and then focus on fixing it.  Our Tuning Your Revenue Engine management model will help you pinpoint where the problems exist, so you can put your full attention on the right objectives.

Just like more sales, we hear this one a lot.  However, most small businesses aren’t doing as much as they can with their inhouse resources.  As a result, they spend more time and money than necessary on the wrong marketing.  Our Tuning Your Revenue Engine management model will help you pinpoint the marketing challenges you may face so you can look for the exactly the kind of marketing you need.

Most businesses don’t have the money they need, but you can’t let this stop you.  In most cases it’s not a function of not having enough money, it more a function of choosing the wrong strategies for your stage of growth, industry, or operation.  If you learn to fine tune your current operation your cash flow will be more than sufficient to get the money you need to scale your business.

This is a typical problem in the hiring process for the business.  Your hiring should always take into consideration if a potential hire will fit well into your company culture.  If you’re asking, “how do I do that?”  You need to get into the inside the BGS platform and review your management abilities.

This is a false premise which can be easily dispelled.  Do you have competitors in your industry?  YES, then other people can do what you do.  Your challenge is you don’t understand how to systematize what you do so that you can train others.  As a result, you get stuck doing everything yourself! One of the 8 factors that drive business growth are systems.  BGS offers best practice in many general business functions and in how to create system specific to your business.

This is usually a symptom of poor systems, quality standards, or accountability method.  In a self-sustaining business SYSTEM drive the business. Systems are easily trained with quality assurance standards that assure the results are consistent and at a level aligned with the company brand promise.  If this sounds like gibberish, then you need to get inside the BGS platform ASAP!

The things broke in most small businesses aren’t industry specific, they are general business related.  BGS is all about applying known business management principles. These principles are taught in every business school around the world.  We’ve just made them simple enough for a high school student to understand.  They’re used in companies with less than $100,000 and $25 million in annual revenue.

It’s this mindset that prevents many business owners from growing their business. All businesses operated on a general set of principles. At BGS we’ve captured and simplified these principles in our SPARC Business Growth Framework and Tuning Your Revenue Engine management model.

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