Simplifying your business management helps you proactively create the profitable financial outcomes you want for your small business. At BGS we help you focus on your operational metrics to rapidly improve business growth and profitability by tuning your revenue engine!

Often small business owners feel at the mercy of their CPA or accountant. This stem from a lack of accounting acumen.  However, most owners ARE very competent operationally, so our approach helps you leverage this knowledge using proven operational strategies to influence your financial outcomes! This approach provides you a better picture of what actually happening in your business so you can improve performance and profitability.

Problems When Struggling with Business Management

If you own a business then you struggle with small business management and probably experience various forms of the following challenges:

  • Poor cash flow
  • Anemic profitability
  • Lack luster revenue growth
  • Struggling lead generation
  • Slow or no business growth
  • Increasing overhead
  • Decreasing sales
  • Low closing percentage
  • Inefficient production
  • Poor business performance

What Makes Better Small Business Management?

Small business management means moving beyond your financial reports and understanding what created the result on you see on those financial reports. Better  operational metrics can help you influence the your financial outcomes!  We call this Tuning Your Revenue Engine.

The revenue engine is a metaphor, created by DE, Inc. as part of our Business Growth Simplified brand to simplify monitoring the complex dynamics of a small business.  By viewing operational causes earlier in the process you can make the necessary changes to your marketing, sales, delivery, and collections to positively affect your financial outcomes.

Watch the video below to better understand how the Tuning Your Revenue Engine works:

What Does Better Small Business Management Track?

You make your business better by proactively managing it.  That means a predictive set of metrics which are different than the historical financial metrics used by accountants and most small business owners.  Our blog post Understanding Cause and Effect: What Do You Measure? provides a better picture of the critical metrics for better small business management. These metrics allow you to pinpoint what’s wrong following area of your operation:

How Well Does Your Revenue Engine Perform?

“We didn’t even know business self-sustainability was possible for a company of our size.  After applying the small business management model, we increased our monthly revenue by 156% in 16 months.  With the profitability from this growth and by putting the right people and systems in place, we’re discussing how we will spend our retirement from our business  12 months from now, and it will support us for the rest of our life without even having to sell the business!” – Jenn and Mike Rowe, owners, Generations Carpet Cleaning

“Revenue Engine Checkup has completely changed our business for the better. For the first time in six years we know exactly what our financial goal needs to be, and more importantly we know step by step what to do to achieve that goal. After only a few months coaching, our business is running more efficiently than it ever has.” – Carrie Rokosz, Managing Partner, Owner ROKOSZ Studios

Tools to Make Small Business Management Predictive

If your business has any of the following symptoms, chances are your revenue engine is not performing optimally:

  • under performing lead generation
  • decreasing sales
  • lower than normal closing percentages
  • increasing overhead
  • slower than normal production

Revenue Engine Performance Checkup

The tool that diagnoses what’s causing these problem(s) is our Revenue Engine Performance Checkup.  This business management assessment is a 26 yes/no questionnaire “quick check” designed to rapidly evaluate your entire revenue engine.  It will show you what’s causing your under performing revenue, less than expected profits, poor cash flow, stagnant growth, and sluggish performance in your business?

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Making Business Management Predictive

Once you know where to focus, wouldn’t it be great to know exactly what to do to fix the problem(s)?  Better yet, what if you could see what might happen next so you could manage toward a better outcome!  That’s the job of our Revenue Engine Performance Analyzer.

The Analyzer is a simple, yet powerful small business management tool created to monitor and manage chokepoints that slow your cash flow; cause poor business performance; and rob your business of growth potential.  This tool helps you understand and manage cause and effect in your business so you know what will happen next so you can make better decisions and changes that give you better outcomes!

Filled with charts, graphs, and tables Revenue Engine Performance Analyzer Report give you all the data you need to understand to see what’s robbing your cash flow and impacting your bottom-line.

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Learn How to Tune Your Revenue Engine!

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