Business Growth for Economic Development

A New Approach to Business Development & Retention


What if you could systematically contribute to business growth in your community and quickly and steadily contribute to:

  • Expanding new jobs
  • Growing capital investment
  • Increasing overall tax base

And, what if you could use it in generating revenue toward achieving these objectives? You’d have a home run, wouldn’t you?

Introducing SPARC Business Growth Framework

SPARC was used by Pasco EDC to help owners /executives across the community to accelerate business growth. As a result the EDO is:

  • Engaging more targeted growing businesses.
  • Using fewer resources for your retention program.
  • Creating another source of income for your organization.
  • Rapidly impacting community businesses in creating new jobs while increasing revenues and capital investment.

SPARC stands for Strategic Planning Action Recovery Cycle. Used for more than 2 decades, SPARC has helped business owners grow self-sustaining small businesses by teaching them how to consistently master strategic thinking and tactical execution on the things that truly impact their business growth. Based on book titled, Business Growth Simplified, written by BGS founder, Dino Eliadis, the approach is a sound, systematic, and practical way to approaching growing small businesses of all kinds.

SPARC Business Growth Framework is a complete, turn-key solution for EDO business development and retention programs. Implementation includes:

  • Implementation Planning Checklist
  • Marketing Plan, Checklist, Template, and Collateral
  • Social media calendar
  • BGS support every step of the way

Another EDO program in Chicago, Chicago MetroTD used SPARC to establish a standardized language and method for business coaches in developing and growing community business. Additionally, as business owners learn and apply the process, they can support each other. This create a community wide support system without adding more staff or infrastructure to support the business community.

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  • Expanding new jobs
  • Growing capital investment
  • Increasing overall tax base


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December 15, 2021