Pasco Economic Development Council

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Chicago Metro TD was designed to assist Chicago community small business owners with the many leadership, operational and technical challenges that come along with business ownership.

The program applies nine months of training and in-business coaching, to position business owners to manage the continued growth and development of their business. Customized curriculum is delivered via a In-business, classroom & 24/7 online training in the areas of business leadership, finance, sales, marketing & operations management, as well as risk management.

The goals of the program are:

  • Design and delivery of simple and sustainable assessment-based training and development plans that improve overall business performance within the community.
  • Strengthening the local workforce by developing business leadership and employee competence in transferable job skills.
  • Connecting community-based businesses through technology to the expanding network of local, regional, national and international business markets.
  • Growing businesses that are committed to buying locally, hiring locally and producing locally as they support the economic development of their own communities.
  • Chicago Metro TD uses the SPARC Business Growth Framework to establish a foundation for quality, consistency and accountability across the program.

SPARC allows them to establish a standardized language and methodology for their business coaches to embrace as they develop and grow community businesses. Additionally, as business owners learn and apply the SPARC Business Growth Framework, they can support each other. This creates a sustainable, community-wide, business support ecosystem.

To find out how to use the SPARC Business Growth Framework with your business development program contact us.