We built BBGS Business Accelerator with the versatility to help current and future business owners fix all the following scenarios:

  • Thinking about a new business idea but don’t know how to get started.
  • Consistently struggling to achieve monthly breakeven and falling short.
  • Feeling alone as the only employee in your business.
  • Uncertain when to hire more employees or expand beyond just yourself.
  • Struggling to pay your business bills or make payroll.
  • Unsure how to apply the advice you get from your accountant or other trusted advisors.
  • Thinking about adding a new product/service to your existing business offering.

This program helps you accelerate profitable growth from the foundation stage of business growth and gives you a simple, understandable roadmap

to get you closer to the independence and financial freedom you dreamed of when starting your business! Watch the following video to see how this powerful program can help you launch your business to greater success.

Why Consider Business Accelerator?

We all hear the statistics:

  • 9% of the population owns a business.
  • 7 out of 10 business start-ups never reach their year 2 anniversary.
  • 51% of the remaining 3 will still be in business after 5 years.
  • 5% of the remaining 1.5% have annual revenue more than $1,000,000
  • .08% of business start-ups sell for more than $1,000,000 in the endIt can be scary, but it doesn’t need to be. What if we stripped away all the fluff and extra noise, and simplified what you need to focus on in a step-by-step roadmap that helps you profitably grow your business so you too can be one of the success stories!  Isn’t it worth a few minutes of your time to learn a little more?

    Avoid Becoming a Negative Statistic

    By applying Business Accelerator to your business, you increase your chances for success. You’ll learn to:

    • Evaluate your business idea and market opportunities.
    • Design the best solution offering to maximize your revenue potential.
    • Communicate the right message to your target audience.
    • Monetize your offering by building a profitably scalable business around it.
    • Profitably monitor, adjust, and build your scalable revenue engine.

    Learn the proven process for profitable growth which creates the right habits from the start, so you don’t become one of the failure statistics. Click the button below and get started right away.


    Learning Objectives:

    1. Understand the difference between a business owner and an entrepreneur.
    2. Learn the problem-solving process and how to apply it to develop a business offering.
    3. Formulate how to communicate with your market/customers.
    4. Understanding how businesses systematically grow from the foundation stage.
    5. Designing a scalable business model around your market and offering.
    6. Learn how to profitably monitor, adjust, and build your scalable business.

    1.  Intro to BGS Business Accelerator

    Understanding of what really constitutes a business and why people say you own your job and how Business Launcher helps you transform your thinking and business.

    • Lesson 1.1.  Understanding Entrepreneurship
    • Lesson 1.2.  What is Business Launcher
    • Lesson 1.3.  Quick Assignment: Understanding Entrepreneurship


    2.  Understanding How a Business Matures

    Begin to understand the systematic process by which a business matures so you can apply it to your business.

    • Lesson 2.1.  An Intro to Business Growth
    • Lesson 2.2.  Complete your Business Growth Assessment


    3.  Know Where You Are and Where You Are Going

    Find out where your head is and if your business is supporting what you REALLY want for your life. Understanding your WHY so that you have a method of evaluating all your decision going forward.

    • Lesson 3.1.  Understanding Why Passion is Important
    • Lesson 3.2.  Defining Your Vision
    • * Lesson 3.3.  Discuss your vision with a BGS coach


    4.  Assessing Your Revenue Engine

    Your operational efficiency directly impacts your profitability, so here we learn what to operationally monitor and see how our process applies in real life!

    • Lesson 4.1.  Introduction to Tuning Your Revenue Engine
    • Lesson 4.2.  Assessing Your Revenue Engine Dashboard
    • Lesson 4.3.  Getting Comfortable with the Foundation Stage
    • Lesson * 4.4.  Assignment #3 Review Your Assessments with Your Coach


    5.  Problem Solving: The Core to Business Success

    To understand the steps of the problem solving process so that you can apply it in all the problems arising in your life and business.

    • Lesson 5.1.  Problem Solving 101


    6.  A Tool for Customer Problem Solving

    An overview of business model canvas tool and how its applied to solve specific problems in your business.

    • Lesson 6.1.  Intro to the Business Model Canvas
    • Lesson 6.2.  Understanding Your Customer Segment
    • Lesson 6.3.  Preparing for Customer Interviews
    • Lesson * 6.4.  Conducting Customer Interviews
    • Lesson 6.5.  Review your customer results with a BGS coach


    7.  Understand Your Opportunity: Does Your Offer Solve the Right Problem?

    Use your customer interview data to understand what your customers want to determine how to change your offering and how you talk about them to spend less money to get more business.

    • Lesson 7.1.  Conducting Competitor Analysis
    • Lesson 7.2.  Defining Your Offering
    • Lesson * 7.3.  Assignment: Evaluate and Design Your Offering
    • Lesson * 7.4.  Review your offering findings with a BGS coach


    8.  Monetizing Your Offering

    Figure out how much revenue your business is currently capable of generating and how much available capacity and what activity is needed to maximize your capacity and profitability.

    • Lesson 8.1.  Calculate your operational capacity
    • Lesson 8.2.  Selling your maximum capacity
    • Lesson 8.3.  Estimating your lead generation requirements
    • Lesson * 8.4.  Assignment: Determining the KPI’s for your business
    • Lesson * 8.5.  Review your KPI’s with your BGS coach


    9.  Building Your Money Machine

    Learn how to use your KPI’s in order to make the correct business decisions by using the Revenue Engine Decision Tree and how to use this information to develop profitably scalable systems so you can grow a self-sustaining business.

    • Lesson 9.1.  Making better decisions using the revenue engine decision tree
    • Lesson 9.2.  Building Great Systems
    • Lesson * 9.3.  Assignment #7 Outline Your Business Workflow
    • Lesson * 9.4.  Share your workflow diagram with your BGS coach.


    10.  Planning Your Business to Support Your Life

    Understand the impact of good business planning and how HIBP is different than traditional planning then get you to plan started by writing your vision and critical success factors

    • Lesson 10.1.  High Impact Business Planning Overview
    • Lesson 10.2.  Creating Your Vision for Life
    • Lesson 10.3.  HIBP Vision Creating Your WHY
    • Lesson * 10.4.  Assignment: Develop your business vision and critical success factors


    11.  Creating Accountability in Your Business Plan

    Create accountability by assigning your annual objectives to the proper function/department to achieve your desired outcome.

    • Lesson 11.1.  Setting Your Goals and Objectives
    • Lesson 11.2.  Delegating Your Functional Goals and Objectives
    • Lesson * 11.3.  Write Your High Impact Business Plan


    12.  Turning Your Planning into Action

    Turning your objectives into task so they can be assigned and monitored to make sure your workers are getting the things done to grow your business.

    • Lesson 12.1.  Implementing Your Plan
    • Lesson 12.2.  An Overview of BGS Action Planning
    • Lesson * 12.3.  Write 90-Action Plan
    • Lesson * 12.4 Review your HIBP with a BGS coach


    13.  High Impact Business Plan Budgeting

    Learn how your financial resources are related and how to use them to understand the financial symptoms tell you to need attention in your operation. Then how BGS simplifies budgeting so your numbers make more sense to the way you use it.

    • Lesson 13.1.  Intro to Financial Management
    • Lesson 13.2.  Better Financial Control: Organizing Your Expenses.
    • Lesson 13.3.  Profitability: Getting Beyond Breakeven
    • Lesson 13.4.  HIBP Budgeting
    • Lesson * 13.5.  Build your budget
    • Lesson * 13.6. Share your financial and operational performance criteria with a BGS coach


    14.  Monitoring Your Revenue Engine to Create Accountability Across the Business

    Accountability requires a commitment from the owner/ management by enforcing the standards set. You implement this by conducting a regular reviews process

    • Lesson 14.1.  An Overview to Monitoring Performance
    • Lesson 14.2.  How to More Effectively Manage Meetings
    • Lesson 14.3.  Conducting your weekly monitoring
    • Lesson 14.4.  Conducting BGS financial review
    • Lesson 14.5.  Holding Owner Reviews