Why Most Small Business Owners Get Stuck Working IN Their  Business!

Business owner stuck in businessWhen you started your business, you probably did it because you saw a path to independence and financial freedom. But how’s that going for you?

If you’re like many of the small business owners we’ve helped for more than 2 decades, you probably feel overwhelmed by everything you deal with day-to-day and it never seems to end. You feel trapped!

I consistently see 3 distinct “root-causes” that get owners frustrated as hell.  You feel trapped because you have one or more of these “root-causes”.  Fix the “root-causes” and the independence and financial freedom you dreamed of in the beginning is just around the corner.

Trouble is you probably aren’t thinking about any of these 3 issues. That’s because they’re not the symptomatic problems you struggle with daily, like fixing cash flow, dealing with employees, trying to find time for your family, feeling chained to your business, the list can seem endless.

If you fix these “root cause” problems, most of the symptomatic problems evaporate on their own! Find out more about these problems by clicking the button below to download our FREE e-book 3 Reasons Owners Get Stuck Growing Their Business.

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Fixing the Reasons You are Stuck in Your Business

We designed our proven profit system as a single solution to fix the 3 reasons your stuck and while helping you solve many of the day-to-day challenges you face every day.  You get there by moving your business up the business growth model to the self-sustainability stage.  Watch the video below to better understand this single solution that will give the independence and financial freedom you seek from your business.

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The Benefits of Business Self-Sustainability

Decreases risk to your family and the families of your employees

FamilyTimeFor owners of companies without business self-sustainability the “hit by a bus scenario” is a nightmarish thought.  Think about what would happen to your family if they were left to tend to your business in its current operational state. Ask yourself, “would their life-style change as a result?”

Many will say, that’s why I have life insurance.  But, life insurance won’t run your business when you are gone!

What will happen to your customers and employees if you aren’t there to run the business?  Ultimately your family will be left to clean up the mess if it’s even possible. How will that leave them in your absence?  Is this really the legacy you want to leave your family?

Decrease Your Family’s Risk

Delivers the life independence you wanted when you started your business

If you just focus on building a self-sustaining business for a short time (usually 3 -5 years), your business can run without you being there.  As a result, you can take that vacation you wish you could take today.  You can work on that new business idea that you have, but can never seem to find the time to research.  At this point you can have the time to take vacation whenever you want or work on a new business idea you have and keep your current life-style or better. It can all be yours in just a few short years by making business self-sustainability your primary goal!

Become an Absentee Owner

Creates financial freedom which you’ve always dreamed

Road to WealthWhat if you set your revenue based on the net profit percentage you wanted from your business?  You’d know exactly how big you needed to grow your business in order to become financially free and could use your business to do it!

Do you know how big you need to grow your business to set yourself free? What key factors need to be accomplished to get there?  It isn’t as big a number as you might think. You can see what we mean by reading the blog post titled, How Big Do You Need to Grow Your Business for Self-Sustainability?”

Become Financially Free

Increases the value of your business

Business Self-sustainability Increases business valueMost business owners have an inflated idea of the actual value of their business.  Your business could be worth that and probably even more if it wasn’t dependent on you!

By making business self-sustainability a priority, you remove your the dependence of your business on you.  Any business broker will tell you by removing your a business not dependent on the owner working in it increases the value of the business.  Business self-sustainability is the way you get there!

Start Increasing Your Business Value

Improves both your personal and business cash flow

What would it be like if your business hit breakeven every month with the profit margin you want on top of that without you even thinking about it?  Imagine how much more sleep you’d get at night! How much would that be worth to you?

That’s one of the financial benefits of a self-sustaining business.  With the right systems and key metrics to monitor your revenue engine your business will just create cash flow without you even thinking about it.  How much stress would that take off of you?

That means you get paid without even thinking about it.  Wouldn’t that be a great feeling?

Improve Your Cashflow

Provides more options for exiting your business

If your business is self-sustaining do you really need to sell it?  Heck, it’s probably the best investment that you have in your retirement portfolio!

This isn’t the way most small business owners think about their business.  But, they should be!

If you build a self-sustaining company you don’t have to sell it to retire. In most cases, you could retire in 3 – 5 years. You don’t have to, but you could.  The big benefit is YOU DON’T HAVE TO SELL IT TO RETIRE! But, you can if you want and it will be worth more and much easier to sell if it’s self-sustaining.  WHY?

Setup More Exit Options

Catches the attention of investors and corporate buyers

Sold-Sign1Investors look at businesses differently than most people.  Many don’t care what the business is, they just want to know that they have a reliable cash flow stream that pays a good return for their investment.

That’s right, they don’t care what the product or services is.  If it gives them the return on investment (ROI) they are looking for they’re interested.

So, if you want to sell your business to an investor, they want a “turnkey” cash flow stream.  Build your business for self-sustainability and you’ll get investors’ attention.

BUT….I’ll bring it up again, if your ROI is that good from your business why would you sell it?  It’s the best annuity that you could leave your family!

Get Attention of Buyers & Investors

Making Business Self-Sustainability a Reality in Your Business

SPARC Tools LogoSo, there you have it, the benefits of growing a self-sustaining business.  You can see the benefits are many.  And, many of the problems you face on a daily and monthly basis are corrected if you just make business self-sustainability a priority.

So, how do you get started?  You begin by moving your business up the business growth model.  BGS SPARC Business Growth Framework is the method by which you grow a business. SPARC stands for Strategic Planning and Recovery Cycle and offers an arsenal of tools, resources, and business training to help you.

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