Pasco Economic Development Council

Let's work together

Pasco Economic Development Council (Pasco EDC) is leading Pasco County in the creation of a sustainable and diversified economy by offering a unique approach to business development. Pasco’s approach is unique in that they have created a continuum of services that assists the business across their county from ideation through mid-size company growth.

To assist with this process Pasco EDC has created a continuum of services to assist business at every stage of growth.  The chart provides a graphic representation of these programs which include:

  • SMARTstart – This is a new and innovative strategy program to engage entrepreneurs, grow new businesses and create job opportunities in Pasco County
  • >Co-Starters – a nationally renowned business development program, that equips entrepreneurs with the insights, relationships, and tools needed to turn business ideas into action.
  • Business Incubator – the EDC offers a various physical locations where new entrepreneurs can rent fully function office or co-working space to help them reduce their startup costs.
  • Pasco Enterprise Network – Pasco Enterprise Network (PEN) offers a one-stop resource for finding guidance and assistance when starting or needing business assistance of any kind.
  • Microloan Fund – a community based microloan fund that acts as a loan source for credit worthy Pasco County small businesses.
  • CEO Roundtables – monthly meetings of 8 to 15 industry CEOs and Presidents from growth-oriented companies to share the challenges and rewards of leadership and how it impacts life at work and home.

As the foundation of this program continuum of business growth services Pasco EDC uses the SPARC Business Growth Framework. SPARC allows them to define a standardized language and method for developing and growing self-sustaining businesses. In this way they can assure consistency of quality while serving more business owners. Additionally, as business owners learn and apply the process, they can support each other. This create a community wide support method without addition additional staff and infrastructure for the EDC.