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When you started your business you dreamed of having independence and financial freedom with business ownership. Business ownership provides the fastest and safest way to get there, but you must do the right things in the right order. BGS Accelerator Masterclass teaches you the a proven system to get there in 3-5 years.

BGS Business Accelerator 1:1 Learning is designed for you if believe your business must change and it can’t wait. This approach gets you started working on an action plan that puts you and your business on road to growth in less than 2 weeks!

You work directly with a BGS certified consultant weekly to learn and applying the BGS Business Growth Framework to your business. As a result, you will:


Get clarity of your life’s mission and how to use your business to support it.


Understand your current stage of growth and growth factors that need immediate attention.


See where your revenue engine is misfiring so you can fix it to immediately improve profit.


Set the strategic direction of your business to set the right objective to accelerate business growth.


Sleep better at night knowing you have a powerfully simple monitoring system in place to forecast financial outcomes weeks before you close out your month!

Watch these success stories from BGS clients:

What’s Included in the 1:1 Learning Masterclass?

The Tools
  • Personal Goal Assessment ($299 value)
  • Business Growth Assessment ($199 value)
  • Tuning Your Revenue Engine Masterclass ($499)
    • Success Planning Worksheet (SPW)
    • Revenue Engine Decision Tree
  • Revenue Engine Performance Checkup (REPC) ($299 value)
  • High-Impact Business Planning – Self-Study ($49 value)
    • 3- Page Strategic Business Plan Template
    • 1-Page Action Plan Template
    • Budget Worksheet Template
    • Objective to Function Matrix Template
    • Examples of all these templates and tools
    • Videos showing you how to use High Impact Business Plan using our fictitious example company.
  • All our BGS Operational Training Courses ($799)
Live Coaching
  • Weekly consults with DIY course assignments ($1,200/month value)
  • Facilitate your 3-5 year strategic planning session ($2,400 value)
  • Weekly accountability meetings post class ($1,200/month value)
  • Monthly owner progress reviews post class ($699/month value)  
  • Free support via the BGS online membership platform ($588 value)

Total Value of More Than: $8,200

All yours for just $699/Monthly

Get the Independence and Financial Freedom You Dreamed of in the Beginning

When you started your business, at the heart of your decision you probably viewed it as a way to gain independence and financial freedom for you and your family. Guess what? You’re right it’s one of the quickest ways to get there – if you do it right.

We want you to have that dream. You deserve it!!!

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Here’s Our Guarantee?! 

Try the BGS Business Accelerator Masterclass. If you don’t feel you’re getting what you need by the end of Class 3, then we’ll give you a full refund no questions asked!

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