Business Planning with High Impact

Building an Operational Plan for More Profitably Growing Your Business!

High Impact Business Planning (HIBP) puts theBGS Growth Framework to work for you. Unlike most business planning method, meant to help you seek funding, HIBP turns your knowledge about your business and helps you organize it to use in an actionable operational plan. This business planning process creates communicates action and accountability in a way that allows you to measure performance every day, week, month, and , quarter. As a result, you and your team knows what to work on every day to hit your goal while building self-sustaining business along the way so you become independent and financially free!

Faster Goal Achievement = Your Desired Results Sooner

Good Business Planning Helps You Achieve Goals Faster!

This isn’t just our opinion! University of Oregon Department Economics study proves business planning has a positive business impact on companies that do it! The study shows that businesses that complete business planning are 50% more likely than those without a business plan in:

    • Growing their business
    • Securing a loan
    • Acquiring investment capital

This was the “ah ha moment” I had more than 5 years ago. It put me on a quest to write Business Growth Simplified. This book shows you a way to more effectively way to apply the tactics at each stages of a business’ maturity.

Watch the video above to get a quick overview of what I found and what you’ll learn in much more detail in Business Growth Simplified:

Your business plan should help you achieve business self-sustainability not hinder it! Too many business planning tools build a big bulky plan. This doesn’t help you organize your day-to-day actions. If your day-to-day action don’t get done then the result is you won’t meet your annual business goal and objectives.

A Good Business Planning Simplifies Turning Your VISION Into ACTION!!!

High Impact Business Planning turns your vision into action! It helps you get everything focused into a 3 page plan with a 1 page budget.

Could you use that?

Quarterly action plans help you delegate responsibility. Now, the right people take ownership of the things that move you and your business forward. Action plans create accountability in achieving business objectives and ultimately your goal!!

High Impact Business Planning is designed to simply and concisely get your vision out of your head and down on paper. This helps you communicate more, faster to everyone helping you create success in your business!

High Impact Business Planning streamlines delegation. Delegating actions is a key to creating business self-sustainability. The more people you get taking action on the right objectives, the faster you achieve your goals.

You can use our High Impact Business Planning Self-Study Program as a self-paced training program 24 x 7. So, you can work on it when you have time and at your own pace! The program offers you:

    • 40 Page High-Impact Business Planning Workbook
    • 3- Page Strategic Business Plan Template
    • 1- Page Action Plan Template
    • Budget Worksheet Template
    • Objective to Function Matrix Template
    • Examples of all these tools

Videos show you how to use all these resources to create a High Impact Business Plan for your own business using Tim and Pam Matthews business our fictitious example company to guide the process..

See how this powerful approach has helped others!

The business tools we received from DE Inc. were pivotal to our strategic planning process. Concise, informative, and comprehensive, the planning templates were exactly what we needed to get our thoughts down on paper and establish a concrete direction for our organization. I would wholeheartedly recommend these planning tools to any company that is in need of a strategic business planning process that will deliver results.

Dustin Holbrook, CFO, Leads Direct, Inc.

Get Started with Your Business Planning to Achieve Your Goals Faster!

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