Get Your Revenue Engine Performance Report

This report is the output of Business Growth Simplified Revenue Engine Performance Analyzer. This business growth tools is used in conjunction with Business Growth Simplified (BGA) consulting to implement the tuning your revenue engine management model within your business.

This powerful report gives you answers to questions critical to growth of your business like:

  • How much revenue is your business currently capable of generating?
  • Can you successfully hit your revenue goal for the year?
  • What is your operation’s maximum capacity limit and when will you hit it?
  • How much capital does it take to support your revenue goal and when do you need a capital infusion?
  • Are your prices set correctly or are you leaving money on the table with every sale?
  • How many more sales must you close to reaching your annual revenue goal?
Answer these questions and you increase cash flow and profitability by making better management decision so that you….

  • MAXIMIZE PROFITS – by finding areas to reduce costs and increase productivity
  • INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY – by pinpointing inefficiencies in your current business
  • IMPROVE REVENUE GROWTH – by managing your business based on cause and effect 

This powerful report gives you all this information and more in an easy to read simple and to use and format with table, charts, and graphs to paint an overall picture of where you are and exactly what it will take to hit your annual and long-range revenue goal!

Determine exactly how much current capacity to understand precisely how much revenue your business is currently capable of generating. From here you can operationally align your team to meet your annual revenue goal maximizing cash flow and profitability.
With a clear target in mind, based on understanding your capacity constraints, you can determine precisely how many additional sales are required to develop your sales plan. From here your marketing requirements are set to maximize your current potential and to hit your revenue goal.
It always takes money to grow a business, but how much? The report gives you estimated cost break downs by function – operations, sales, and marketing. this helps you begin your funding plans to find the needed capital to invest to move your growth and expansion forward.
There is more than one way to increase capacity. The report shows you how increased productivity can be used to improve profitability and create more capacity. So, you can determine which strategy best suites your situation. You get all this input for your decision making from in single 20-page report!

Packed with more than a dozen charts and graphs along with the step-by-step decision-tree Revenue Engine Performance Report helps you pinpoint obstacles holding you back and identifies opportunities allowing you to increase productivity, improve revenue growth, and ultimately maximize profits.

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