Why a Peer Group Can Help You Grow Your Business Faster!

peer groups help business growthA 2017 study shows that company’s whose owner participates in a peer group grow 2.2 time faster compared to all small and medium-sized businesses.  With results like this every business owner should be flocking to join a peer group!

Additionally, research reported by the Edward Lowe Foundation states “entrepreneurs learn better and faster from one another.”  So, an learning model such as this can provide you with more discipline, focus, and accountability to accelerate growing your self-sustaining business!

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That should be reason enough to become part of a peer group, but if your still not convinced read on…

Why does the peer group model work so well?

business woman in a peer groupBecause there are so many benefits!  Peer Group Membership can provide you:

  • Accountability support for achieving your goals and objectives.
  • A sounding board for your challenges and potential solutions.
  • Offer confidential assistance from others facing similar personal and business situations.
  • Learn from others’ successes and failures.
  • Help you identifying weakness you don’t see in yourself.
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How BGS  Gives You a One-Two Punch!

Add the powerful and structure of the SPARC Business Growth Framework to a peer group and you have an unbeatable combination to take your business where you want it to go!

In this scenario, all your peers share the same process, tools, and language for growing a self-sustaining business.  SPARC increases the chances of success for you all!  Double the punch of the DIY Membership alone!

At just $199 per month BGS Peer Group Membership is a steal! But, if your sign up as a founding DIY Member you can get included in our first peer group at the DIY Member price of $79 for your first year!

Your membership gives you all the benefits of DIY Membership PLUS:

  • Monthly 2-hour online facilitated meetings with your group.
  • Exclusive access to your group facilitator via the BGS forum.
  • A private area in the BGS Community for your group members to communicate 24 x7.
  • Access to group notes and action items from your meetings for better accountability.

Grow Your Business Faster!

Get your first year Peer Group Membership at a DIY Membership price by becoming a founding member for a limited time. You’ll get another $4,000 in added value as a founding member.  Added access to BGS founder Dino Eliadis and 1-to-1 coaching will help you begin growing your business faster so your dream of independence and financial freedom can become a reality!  Just click the button and complete the signup form.

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