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business plan template to build your roadmap for the year

High Impact Business Planning (HIBP) template helps you organize what you learn about your business from the SPARC Business Growth Framework into an easy to use action plan.  What make HIBP different is we take an operational approach to planning rather than traditional business planning methods which only take a financial approach. HIBP helps you define the action you must take in order reach your financial goal!

This operational planning process helps you

  • set simply managed objectives for every department
  • create easily measurable tasks across every function
  • As a result, you can better delegate work and monitor every activity of your business
  • Effortlessly monitor performance quarterly, monthly, or weekly as you move closer to your goal.

What You Get When Downloading Your Business Plan Template

You can use our High Impact Business Planning templates helps you organize your objectives and tasks using our simple tools with examples to help you see how to use each.  Include in this FREE resource you get

  • 3- Page Strategic Business Plan Template
  • 1-Page Action Plan Template
  • Budget Worksheet Template
  • Examples of all these templates and tools
  • Instructions and links to articles on our blog
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See how this powerful approach has helped others!

The business tools we received from DE Inc. were pivotal to our strategic planning process.  Concise, informative, and comprehensive, the planning templates were exactly what we needed to get our thoughts down on paper and establish a concrete direction for our organization.  I would wholeheartedly recommend these planning tools to any company that is in need of a business planning process that will deliver results.

Dustin Holbrook,  CFO, Leads Direct, Inc.

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