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Business Growth Coaching

According to the Inc. Magazine article titled Get the Right Coach, if you’re a smart shopper, your decision can transform your business!

A study shows the impact on companies using a business coach:

Coaching produced a 529% ROI and significant intangible benefits to the business, including the financial benefits from employee retention, boosting the overall ROI to 788%.  – Executive Briefing: Case Study on the Return on Investment of Executive Coaching. MetrixGlobal, LLC., November 2, 2001


Are you struggling to apply the SPARC strategies to your business? The help of a BGS Coach or consultant could give you this kind of result!

All winners have a coach:

  • Chicago Bulls immortal Michael Jordan’s didn’t win a championship until he had Phil Jackson as his coach.
  • Mary Lou Retton became an Olympic phenom through the coaching of Romania emigrant Bela Karolyi
  • Even entrepreneurial icon Steve Jobs had a business coach in Bill Campbell

So, don’t continue to struggle.  Get the help of a BSG coach and begin reaping the benefits of business growth simplified. Just complete the form below. A BGS representative will contact you in one business-day or less.

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